Divorce Act Changes: What Family Lawyers Need to Know

The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) has launched their very first episode of the ACWS Legal Matters Podcast: Changes to the Divorce Act. Watch and/or listen by pressing play below and find out what legal professionals working in family law need to know about family violence and coercive control.


Domestic Violence Training for Family Lawyers

For more information on the topic of family violence, and to learn about the various tactics that those who cause harm use to establish a dynamic of coercive control in alignment with the definition of family violence in the Divorce Act, check out “Understanding Domestic Violence and Coercive Control for Family Lawyers“. This full-day program is being offered by LESA in collaboration with the ACWS on January 27, 2022 via livestream for virtual attendance.

Topics of focus will include: 

• Understanding coercive controlling violence
• How and why violence is minimized and/or denied
• Practical skills for starting the conversation
• Understanding the Danger Assessment tool
• Shelter services and supports and how shelters can help legal professionals
• The effects of domestic violence on children
• Domestic violence and your workplace

Registration is now open.

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