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  • 50th Annual Refresher – Audio Recordings and Program Materials

    LESA’s 50th Annual Refresher focuses on practice excellence. This program provides substantive legal content in the areas of civil litigation, family law, transactions, and wills and estates, and includes tips to strengthen your practice.

  • 50th Annual Refresher: Family Law Sessions – Audio Recordings and Program Materials


    This package contains audio recordings and program materials from the family law sessions held at the 50th Annual Refresher. Listen to presenters and panel members discuss a range of topics relevant to family law practitioners, and follow along with their papers and presentation materials.

    This family law package includes audio recordings and program materials from the following sessions:

    • Do Family Lawyers Have Ethical Obligations to the Children of Their Clients? — Nicholas Bala & Patricia M. Hébert QC
    • Separation and Divorce Later in Life — John-Paul E. Boyd
    • Jurisdictional Issues in Custody Matters — Krysta H. Ostwald
    • Old Dogs, New Tricks — Deni Cashin

    These materials are part of a collection presented at LESA’s 50th Annual Refresher: Practice Excellence held in Lake Louise from May 7–9, 2017.

    These documents are electronic products in Adobe PDF format and MP3 format. Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download these products.  

  • Drafting and Practice Considerations under the Wills & Succession Act


    Authors: Patricia L. Daunais, Q.C.; David J. Koski; Lois J. MacLean; Farha Salim; Shelley E. Waite; Helen R. Ward

    Missed the sold-out seminar “Drafting and Practice Considerations under the Wills & Succession Act”? You are in luck! This package includes an audio recording of the full day session, as well as the accompanying course materials in electronic format. Learn about the practical impact of this new legislation on matrimonial property agreements, implications of the in terrorem rule, and tips for controlling the matrimonial property claim on death. The Wills & Succession Act introduces new claims and several new kinds of applications. Discover how these changes will affect your practice.

    Note: There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the provisions with respect to matrimonial property. In a effort to provide the range of views on this topic we are including with these materials access to two additional papers. These bonus materials, which are from our May 2011 seminar on the Wills and Succession Act, deal specifically with “Matrimonial Property Division on Death” (Part 1 by Jodie Hierlmeier and Part 2 by Janice Henderson-Lypkie).

    Please note, while these materials are current as of the date of the original seminar they relate to legislation not yet proclaimed and, as such, subject to change prior to the anticipated in force date. Other materials are in draft form and also subject to change prior to coming into force. Users are urged to watch for notice of any changes.

    For an important update in the area of Wills & Estates, please visit our blog to view information regarding the Wills and Succession Act and Surrogate Rules Amendment Regulation.  

    This document is an electronic product in Adobe PDF and MP3 format.

Showing all 3 results