45th Annual Refresher Course: Residential Resale

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The Standard AREA Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract
by Lubos K. Pesta QC

In particular, it discusses the creation of a new dedicated Residential Purchase Contract for Resale Condominium Property and the deletion of all condominium provisions from the generic resale contract. Compliance with the Dower Act in Residential Real Estate Transactions
by Lubos K. Pesta QC and Rachel Woynorowski

This paper examines the importance of complying with the Dower Act in residential real estate transactions. Specifically, it explores what rights are granted by the Dower Act, the actions required by the vendor to comply with the Dower Act, and the statutory and common law consequences of con-compliance with the Act.

Trust Conditions
by Jocelyn A. Frazer

The Law Society of Alberta’s new Code of Conduct has had an impact on the use of trust conditions in real estate transactions in Alberta. This paper compares the new and old rules relating to trust conditions, reviews the law relating to trust conditions and undertakings, and identifies some of the more common difficulties Real Property Reports and Compliance
by Douglas E. Ritzen

This paper discusses the importance of Real Property Reports and Compliance Certificates. It then reviews some of the root causes of issues faced by lawyers when dealing with RPR’s, including signing the AREA Purchase Contract without a current RPR and Compliance, variable municipal requirements, and shortages in surveyor availability. The author proposes Title Insurance as a solution in some circumstances and makes some practical suggestions for dealing with common RPR and compliance issues.

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