50th Annual Refresher: Transactions Sessions – Audio Recordings and Program Materials


This package contains audio recordings and program materials from the transactions sessions held at the 50th Annual Refresher. Listen to presenters and panel members discuss a range of business law topics relevant to solicitors, and follow along with their papers and presentation materials.

This transactions package includes audio recordings and program materials from the following sessions:

  • Reviewing and Negotiating Non-Disclosure Agreements – Tips and Traps — Matt Anderson
  • Risky Business: A Look at the Allocation of Risk in Commercial Transactions — Carolyn A. Wright
  • Purchase Price Adjustments in Share and Asset Transactions — William K. Jenkins
  • Implications and Applications of the Supreme Court of Canada’s New Principle of Good Faith and Duty of Honesty in Contractual Performance — Prof. Shannon O’Byrne & Leanne C. Krawchuk

These materials are part of a collection presented at LESA’s 50th Annual Refresher: Practice Excellence held in Lake Louise from May 7–9, 2017.

These documents are electronic products in Adobe PDF format and MP3 format. Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download these products.