Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual (Electronic Format)

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The Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual is a comprehensive resource for any wills and estates practitioner. Chock-full of essential information and helpful tips, this two-part manual contains information on estate planning and administration as well as fillable Surrogate Forms. Whether you are drafting a will or probating one, this manual is a go-to resource. Highlights include chapters on:

  • Legal requirements for wills
  • Drafting wills, personal directives, and enduring powers of attorney
  • Understanding and applying for family maintenance and support
  • Dealing with intestacy
  • Grant applications
  • Estate obligations
  • Distribution of property
  • Accounting and expenses
  • Rural estates

The Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual is a subscription service that is updated periodically. Subscribers receive updates automatically, invoiced at the time of publication. You may remove yourself from our subscription list at any time by emailing or by calling 780.420.1987.

An update to this practice manual is coming in 2019. By ordering this practice manual online, you are purchasing the 2019 update and will be shipped a copy of the update once it is available. To purchase the 2016 version of the Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual, please contact our office.

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