Cases, Clients, and…Contemplative Lawyering? How the Practice of Mindful Lawyering Can Improve Lawyer Wellness and Client Relationship Management

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Wellness and client relationship management are included as competencies that lawyers are required to address in their annual continuing professional development plans. This paper discusses the interplay between a lawyer’s wellness (physical, emotional, and mental) and his or her capacity for consistent, exemplary client service through the lens and practice of mindfulness. It also explores “contemplative lawyering” as a practice to overcome conflict situations in the management of client relationships through an attitude of non-judgment, equanimity, and compassion. This paper argues that through mindful or contemplative lawyering, lawyers can achieve high standards of excellence and wellness.

This paper is part of a collection presented at LESA’s Client Relationship Essentials seminar in Edmonton on April 18, 2017.

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