How to Build a Brain


Converging lines of evidence from neuroscience, molecular biology, genetics, and the social sciences tell us that early experiences are literally built into our brains and bodies to affect a lifetime of learning and health, for good or for ill. This has profound implications for the policies, programs, and services that support children and families, including those of the family justice system.

Learn how brains are built, including what kind of experiences promote healthy brain architecture, what kind of experiences derail it, and how these experiences get “under our skin” to affect learning, health, and social outcomes across the life span.

NOTE: How to Build a Brain, presented by Dr. Nicole Sherren PhD, was presented at the 2017/2018 program, Understanding the Brain. Click here to access the full Seminar on Demand.

Running Time: 1 hours, 26 minutes
Running Date: September 2017

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