Real Estate in Distress – Complete Seminar

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If you missed “Real Estate in Distress”, you can now download audio recordings from this sold-out seminar. Chaired by L. Diane Young from Ackroyd LLP (Edmonton), “Real Estate in Distress” helps you deal with Collections, Foreclosures, Builders’ Liens, and Insolvency—critical issues in a challenging economy. Just download the MP3 files and listen from your computer or, for added convenience, transfer the MP3s to a portable music device.  The audio recordings come with associated digital papers, available for download in Adobe PDF format. Purchase content by individual topic, or buy the entire collection for a reduced price.  [Original Seminar Date: April 8, 2009]

This package combines:
Real Estate in Distress – Collections
Real Estate in Distress – Foreclosures in the New Era
Real Estate in Distress – Builders’ Liens

Real Estate in Distress – Insolvency

Real Estate in Distress – Complete Seminar
Segment Runtime: 4 hours 16 min (in 8 parts)
MP3 + Associated Digital Papers
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