Real Estate in Distress – Insolvency

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If you missed “Real Estate in Distress”, you can now download audio recordings from this sold-out seminar. Chaired by L. Diane Young from Ackroyd LLP (Edmonton), “Real Estate in Distress” helps you deal with Collections, Foreclosures, Builders’ Liens, and Insolvency—critical issues in a challenging economy. Just download the MP3 files and listen from your computer or, for added convenience, transfer the MP3s to a portable music device.  The audio recordings come with associated digital papers, available for download in Adobe PDF format. Purchase content by individual topic, or buy the entire collection for a reduced price.  [Original Seminar Date: April 8, 2009]

Real Estate in Distress – Insolvency

Terry M. Warner (Miller Thompson LLP, Edmonton, Alberta) provides an overview of the basic principles concerning insolvency proceedings, with a focus on real estate issues. Terry offers useful insight to counsel advising creditors (or landlords) who are either seeking to initiate insolvency proceedings or who been notified that insolvency proceedings have been initiated in regard to one of their debtors.

Segment Runtime: 52:50 (Part 1 – 27:32, Part 2 – 25:18)
MP3 + Associated Digital Paper