Webinar on Demand – Family Law Fundamentals



Original Date: January 27, 2021

Price: $345 + GST

Chair: Heather L. McKay QC, Daunais McKay + Harms

Presenters: Timothy S. Chan, Daunais McKay + Harms; Jonathan F. GriffithDaunais McKay + Harms; Christopher A. Jackson, Jackson Law; Imogen Jenkins, Daunais McKay + Harms; Emily Koch, Daunais McKay + Harms; Katherine Palmer, Strathcona Law Group; and Dustin Tkachuk, Lawrence & Tkachuk 


In the first few years of family law practice, lawyers can greatly benefit from both substantive law knowledge and practice management skills to assist them in effectively managing matters. In this Webinar on Demand, experienced practitioners explore family property, child support, spousal support, family violence, and more.


  • Adult interdependent partners and property and support contracts
  • Court processes and running a litigation practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, including strategies to get your documents signed and filed
  • Domestic violence and your obligations under the amendments to the Divorce Act, EPOs, and navigating the intersection between the criminal justice system and the family law system
  • Primer on principles and calculation of spousal and child support in various scenarios
  • Primer on valuing assets and the steps required to put together property charts, including some helpful tips and best practices from senior practitioners

Total Running Time: 5 hours, 27 minutes

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