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Any real estate transaction requires careful consideration of a variety of elements. We have seminars and resources to help keep you sharp.

2016/2017 Educational Programming: Real Estate brochure

Live Events / Seminars

Foreclosures Fundamentals (Calgary)
Foreclosures Fundamentals (Edmonton)
Personal Property Security and Debt Recovery Essentials (Calgary)
Personal Property Security and Debt Recovery Essentials (Edmonton)
Rural Property Issues for Alberta Lawyers (Red Deer)

Online Self Study Modules

Alberta Land Titles Online (Seminar on Demand)
Condominiums: A Practitioner's Update (Seminar on Demand)
Real Estate Essentials (Seminar on Demand)

Practice Manuals / Publications

Alberta Foreclosure Forms
Alberta Foreclosure Forms (Electronic Version Only)
Alberta Real Estate Practice Manual (CD)
Alberta Real Estate Practice Manual (Hardcopy & CD)
Real Estate Fundamentals

Recent Seminar Papers

Common Issues, Mistakes, and Best Practices
Mortgage Basics
Order of Documents on a Purchase File and Sale File
Western Torrens Conveyancing Protocol
A Discussion of Current and Proposed Legislation Affecting Owners of New Condominiums in Alberta
A Few Things Commercial Owners Might Want to Know About Builders’ Liens
Expropriation in Alberta
Foreign Ownership of Land Regulation Overview
Lawyer to Lawyer Relationships, Trust Conditions and Undertakings
Rare but Relevant: Adverse Possession and Specific Performance

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Multimedia Downloads

Real Estate in Distress – Builders’ Liens
Real Estate in Distress – Collections
Real Estate in Distress – Complete Seminar
Real Estate in Distress – Foreclosures in the New Era
Real Estate in Distress – Insolvency

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