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  • This paper identifies the different types of condominiums used in Alberta, including building condominium plans, bare land condominium plans, and hybrid condominium plans. It then comments on the most notable features of each type and attaches samples of plans to illustrate those features. This paper was drawn from materials presented at the Condominiums program held in May 2012.
  • The author provides a comprehensive overview of the use of builders' liens in Alberta, including applicable legislation such as the Builders' Liens Act and the Public Works Act. The paper discusses filing of liens, the lien fund, lien priorities and the process to remove a lien from a Certificate of Title. This paper was presented at the Builders' Liens for Legal Support Staff program held in May of 2011.
  • This paper discusses the rules for the transfer of farm property by providing an overview of the appropriate legislation for each type of special farm property that may qualify for a rollover. It also deals with capital gains exemption, and the difference between that exemption and a rollover. The paper contains testamentary and inter-vivos rollover flowcharts. This paper was presented at the Wills & Estates' 44th Annual Refresher in 2011.