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6 Ways to Simplify & Streamline Your Family Law Practice

Alberta Legal Technology Conference.

Join us on May 23 & 24 for the Alberta Legal Technology Conference, and discover 6 ways you can use technology to simplify and streamline your practice.

  1. Spouses are saying a lot of things to one another through their smartphones. Discover how to efficiently and authoritatively retrieve, organize, and reproduce the data from smartphones including text messages, pictures, location data, and more!


  1. As you know, there are many files with a large volume of documents. Learn about the newest technologies combining traditional document management with AI (artificial intelligence) to make preparation for Questioning and Trial more effective and efficient.


  1. Learn about the latest in law office software and apps so you can maximize your billable hours and reduce the stress of daily practice.


  1. Reduce costs and increase your profits! Explore outsourcing opportunities for routine law firm functions or tasks.


  1. Hear from real practicing lawyers who are early adopters of technology on current trends and discover what’s coming next.


  1. Get a concentrated briefing on the current state of legal research tools to make your work on divorce, custody, and property distribution more efficient.



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