Board of Directors

To peruse the list of current and past Board members is to meet many of the outstanding leaders of the legal community in Alberta.

Our Board Members include:

  • Chair: Jennifer Ruttan (Ruttan Bates)
  • Vice-Chair: Michelle Gallagher (Patriot Law Group)
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Dobson (Meridian Law Group)
  • Past Chair: Aaron D. Martens (Dunphy Best Blocksom LLP)
  • Prof. Lois Gander QC (Legal Resource Centre)
  • Walter Pavlic QC (MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP)
  • Sabri Shawa QC (Jensen Shawa Solomon Duguid Hawkes LLP)
  • Prof. Annalise Acorn (Faculty of Law, University of Alberta)
  • Prof. Catherine A. Brown, (University of Calgary)
  • Ryan Anderson (Law Society of Alberta, Bencher)
  • Valerie Danielson (Danielson Law)
  • Cori Ghitter (Law Society of Alberta)
  • Sandra Petersson (Alberta Law Reform Institute)
  • Gulu Punia (Fasken Maritineau)
  • Rajesh Sharma (Stewart Sharma Harsanyi)
  • Dena Venkatraman (Finning (Canada), a division of Finning International Inc.)

Judicial Liaisons:

  • Hon. Justice S.J. Greckol – Court of Appeal Alberta
  • Hon. Justice S.D. Hillier – Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
  • Hon. Judge A. Brown – Provincial Court of Alberta

The composition of our Board of Directors reflects our roots in the legal education community. Membership is drawn from the Law Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch), the Faculties of Law and Extension or Continuing Education at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, the judiciary at all three levels of courts, and the profession at large. All of these organizations share a belief in the value of sound pre-call training for students-at-law and the importance of quality continuing professional development for the entire profession thereafter.