Alberta Court of King’s Bench Announcement: Changes in Filing for Wills and Testamentary Documents

The courts have announced that Wills and testamentary documents will no longer be accepted at the counter, in a surrogate drop box, at Judicial Centres other than Edmonton, or via delivery by courier or court runner.

Effective April 8, 2024, Wills and testamentary documents for Surrogate Digital Service (“SDS”) must now be sent via Registered Mail to the Wills Repository in Edmonton at the following address:

Attention: File Room – Wills Repository
Court of King’s Bench
1A Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB T5J 0R2

Documents will be refused if they are sent by any other method than Registered Mail. Counsel will be responsible for retrieving these unfiled documents via courier.

This change was implemented to reduce the risk of lost documents, speed up processing times, and to ensure consistency of process across the province. For more information on this King’s Bench update, read the complete notice to the profession here.

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