Civil Litigation

When your clients find themselves in disputes, you want to help resolve them as efficiently and effectively as possible. You need to be at the top of your game in civil procedure knowledge and civil advocacy skills. We can assist you with both.

2016/2017 Educational Programming: Litigation brochure

Seminar on Demands

Estate Litigation Fundamentals (Seminar on Demand)
Running Your First Trial (Seminar on Demand)
Drafting Pleadings, Affidavits, and Orders: The Pleading Edge (Seminar on Demand)
Evidence Law Refresher (Seminar on Demand)
Client Relationship Essentials (Seminar on Demand)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Alberta Civil Practice Manual (CD)
Alberta Civil Practice Manual (Hardcopy & CD)

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Program Materials

Civil Advocacy Series: Evidence Program Materials
Common Objections: Trial Reference Binder
The Privilege of Invoking Privilege
The Impact of White Burgess Langille Inman v Abbott and Haliburton Co on Recent Alberta Decisions
Judicial Notice: Dispensing With Proof
Hearsay and Civil Litigation
Estate Litigation Fundamentals (Seminar on Demand)
In for a Penny, in for a Pound? A Review of the Rules for Resolving Claims Without Full Trial
Running Your First Trial (Seminar on Demand)
Common Contested Chambers’ Applications

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Multimedia Downloads

Oral Argument in the Court of Appeal of Alberta
Dispute Resolution – Mediation, The Fusion of Reason and Abstraction
Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems: An In-House Counsel’s Perspective
Advocacy and Dispute Resolution
Class Actions
Navigating Through the Access Web
Requesting Records from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation
Litigation Privilege in the Information Age
Keeping on Track
Moving Forward: Understanding and Overcoming Litigation Delay

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The New Rules of Court: A Seamless Transition is a half-day session providing background on how and why the Rules of Court are changing, and how they will affect your practice. Hear from renowned representatives of the Courts, the Alberta Law Reform Institute, the Rules of Court Committee, and the practising bar.
[Original Seminar Date: April 12, 2010]

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