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As a crown prosecutor or criminal defence lawyer, you have dedicated yourself to serving and upholding our system of justice. Let us help.

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Seminars on Demand

Seminar on Demand - The New Presumption of Identity: Proof of Elements
Seminar on Demand - Mens Rea in Refusal Cases
Seminar on Demand - Blood Evidence in Impaired Driving Cases
Seminar on Demand - Impaired Driving and Bill C-46 Amendments: Just What is a Conveyance, Anyway?
Seminar on Demand - Charter Notices and Voir Dires
Seminar on Demand - Appellate Advocacy
Seminar on Demand - Criminal Procedure Fundamentals
Criminal Procedure Fundamentals Program Materials
Seminar on Demand - Search and Seizure
Seminar on Demand - Legalization of Marijuana

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Criminal Law Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Criminal Law Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)

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Program Papers

Charter Notices and Voir Dires
Tips, Trips, and Traps: The Intersection of Family Law and Criminal Law
Mens Rea in Refusal Cases
Impaired Driving and Bill C-46 Amendments: Just What is a Conveyance, Anyway?
The Factum: Tips & Strategies
Court of Appeal Procedures: Overview of Applications Before a Single Appeal Judge or Panel, Filing Deadlines, and Case Management
Court of Appeal Practice: Short Snappers
Digest of Alberta Court of Appeal Cases Considering R v Oland
Appellate Practice Points: Applications Before a Panel, Costs, and Judicial Dispute Resolution
Evidence of Prior Sexual Activity in Criminal Cases Involving Sexual Offences

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Complimentary Resources

Proceeds of Crime: Criminal, Regulatory, and Ethical Issues

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