Criminal Law

As a crown prosecutor or criminal defence lawyer, you have dedicated yourself to serving and upholding our system of justice. Let us help.

2016/2017 Educational Programming: Criminal Law brochure


36th Annual Intensive Advocacy (Calgary)
Search and Seizure (Edmonton)
Search and Seizure (Calgary)
Legalization of Marijuana (Calgary)
Legalization of Marijuana (Edmonton)
Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Calgary)
Mastering Personal Finances (Edmonton)
Mastering Personal Finances (Calgary)
Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Edmonton)
Intersection of Immigration and Criminal Law (Calgary)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Criminal Law Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Criminal Law Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)

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Program Materials

Purpose and Principles of Sentencing: Use of Gladue Factors and Report – a Comprehensive Approach
Bibliography - Criminal Law Boot Camp (2010)
Impaired Driving: New Breath-Testing Instruments
The Perfect Storm: Section 12, Mandatory Minimum Sentences and the Problem of the Unusual Case
Criminal Law Boot Camp (2010)
An Introduction to Appellate Practice (2010)
Impaired Driving: Care or Control
Giving ‘til it Bleeds: Blood Evidence in Driving Cases
Plea Negotiation (2010)
Impaired Driving: Proof of Service of Certificate – Criminal or Civil Standard

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Complimentary Resources

An Ethics Primer for Criminal Lawyers (2010)
Proceeds of Crime: Criminal, Regulatory, and Ethical Issues
Bibliography - Criminal Law Boot Camp (2010)

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