Criminal Law

As a crown prosecutor or criminal defence lawyer, you have dedicated yourself to serving and upholding our system of justice. Let us help.

2016/2017 Educational Programming: Criminal Law brochure


Criminal Advocacy: Sentencing (Calgary)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Criminal Law Fundamentals (Subscription)
Criminal Law Fundamentals (Stand-alone)

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Program Materials

Purpose and Principles of Sentencing: Use of Gladue Factors and Report – a Comprehensive Approach
Criminal Law for Legal Support Staff
The PHS Case and Federalism Analysis and Argumentation
Criminal Advocacy: Use of and Challenge to Expert Opinion Evidence in Criminal Proceedings
A Practical Guide to Search Warrants
A Thin Line Between Health and Crime: Reference re Assisted Human Reproduction Act and Federalism Di
Opening Gate on Principle: Role of Jury Control Gauging Threshold Reliability of Expert Evidence
Federalism Still Matters: The Securities Reference Case
The Admissibility of Statements

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