Family Law

We know that you regularly support clients during some of their most stressful and difficult times. Let us help support you during your challenging times. We offer training and information in a variety of Family Law areas.

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Elder Law Topics (Edmonton)
Elder Law Topics (Calgary)
Legalization of Marijuana (Calgary)
Legalization of Marijuana (Edmonton)
Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts (Calgary)
Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Calgary)
Basic Collaborative Law (Red Deer)
Mastering Personal Finances (Edmonton)
Mastering Personal Finances (Calgary)
Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Edmonton)

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Seminars on Demand

Matrimonial Property 2017 (Seminar on Demand)
Financial Disclosure in Family Law Matters (Seminar on Demand)
Domestic Contracts (Seminar on Demand)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Alberta Family Law Practice Manual (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)
Alberta Family Law Practice Manual (Electronic Format)
Family Law Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Family Law Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)

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Program Materials

Case Summaries – Alberta Family Law Decisions of Interest
Recognizing Ethical Duties of Lawyers for Parents to Children of Clients: Being a Child-Focused Family Lawyer
Jurisdiction Issues in Custody on Inter-Provincial, Divorce Act and International Levels
Economic and Other Issues of Spouses Separating Later in Life in Canada
50th Annual Refresher - Audio Recordings and Program Materials
The Art of Being Prepared…How and when a little forethought and effort will pay off handsomely
Sharpening Settlement Tools
50th Annual Refresher Program Materials
Some Practical Considerations in Applications for the Review of Spousal Support Since Leskun v Leskun
Interim Applications for Spousal Support

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Multimedia Downloads

50th Annual Refresher - Audio Recordings and Program Materials
Drafting and Practice Considerations under the Wills & Succession Act
50th Annual Refresher: Family Law Sessions – Audio Recordings and Program Materials

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Complimentary Resources

Tips and Traps for the Family Law Advocate

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