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Legal support staff are absolutely critical to the success of any lawyer or firm. LESA can support and assist you with training resources and live seminars.

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Seminars on Demand

Seminar on Demand - Role of Support Staff in Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Seminar on Demand - Drowning in Disclosure – Some Practical Tips on How to Organize a Family Law File to Stay Sane
Seminar on Demand - Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transactions
Seminar on Demand - Dos and Don’ts When Dealing with Self-Represented Parties
Seminar on Demand - Mediation & Arbitration: Shielding Neutrality
Seminar on Demand - A Great and Sudden Change: Changes to the Family Property Act and the Divorce Act in 2020
Seminar on Demand - Commercial Lending
Seminar on Demand - Views from the Court Registry
Seminar on Demand - Complex Litigation
Seminar on Demand - Trial Preparation: Working with Experts

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Program Papers

Mediation & Arbitration: Shielding Neutrality
Dos and Don’ts When Dealing with Self-Represented Parties
Family Law Rules of Court
Drafting Pleadings, Affidavits, and Briefs: What You Need to Know (and a Few Things You Should Know)
Share Purchases
Complex Litigation
Nuts and Bolts of Property in Family Law Matters
Common Ethical Issues for Paralegals
Disclosure and Evidence Handbook for Family Law Support Staff
Common Ethical Issues for Family Paralegals

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Complimentary Resources

Common Ethical Issues for Family Paralegals
Till Death Do Us Part: Hiring and Retaining Star Talent
Continuous Disclosure
Law Office Ethics and the Role of the Legal Assistant

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