Wills and Estates

Whether you work with wills, trusts, or estate administration, you help to give your clients peace of mind. You deserve the same. Our courses and resources will help you achieve that feeling of comfort and confidence in your area of practice.

2016/2017 Educational Programming: Wills & Estates brochure


Elder Law Topics (Edmonton)
Elder Law Topics (Calgary)
Advanced Estate Administration (Calgary)
Advanced Estate Administration (Edmonton)
Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Calgary)
Mastering Personal Finances (Edmonton)
Mastering Personal Finances (Calgary)
Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Edmonton)
Family Law 25 (Calgary)
Family Law 25 (Edmonton)

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Seminars on Demand

Drafting Your First Will (Seminar on Demand)
Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives (Seminar on Demand)
Drafting Your First Trust (Seminar on Demand)
Estate Accounting (Seminar on Demand)
Estate Administration Fundamentals (Seminar on Demand)
New Estate Administration Act (Seminar on Demand)

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Practice Manuals / Publications

Wills and Estates Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)
Civil Litigation Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)
Civil Litigation Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Collections Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Collections Fundamentals (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)
Alberta Wills & Estates Legislation (Hardcopy)
Alberta Surrogate Forms (Electronic Format)
Wills and Estates Fundamentals (Electronic Format)
Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual (Electronic Format)
Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual (Hardcopy & Electronic Format)

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Program Materials

The Story of “Emma” and “Isabella” – The Litigious Embryos and Other Tales
Boilerplate Clauses in Wills: Faithful Friends or Vague Verbiage?
Under the Influence? – Caselaw Summary re: Undue Influence, Red Flags and Suggested Best Practices
Contractually Supported Wills – Restrictions on Testamentary Freedom
50th Annual Refresher Program Materials
Prudent Practice: Acting for the Aging Client
Do You Really Know What You Are Doing? – Attacking Wealth Transfers on the Basis of a Lack...
Undue Influence: Identify, Minimize the Risk, Document the File
Nature and Origin of the Law of Undue Influence: Attacking Wealth Transfers
8 Clauses That You Should Consider Before [Your Client] Dies

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Multimedia Downloads

Drafting Wills – 2013

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Complimentary Resources

Overview of the Wills and Succession Act: A Summary of Changes

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