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Have you heard about the new LESA Library? If not, today’s LESA blog fills you in on all the information you need to know about the LESA Library and why it is an incredible resource.

The LESA Library provides Alberta-specific legal content, anytime, anywhere – all for one low price.

For a quick (and fun) introduction to the LESA Library, you can watch the below introductory video.


Library_BooksOver 11,000 pages of print content have been put onto the LESA Library, offering you substantive law and practice management information (including fillable forms and editable precedents!).

Practice Manual and Fundamental Series Content. You can access content for the following publications in easy-to-use, searchable encyclopedia-style articles:

  • Alberta Civil Practice Manual
  • Alberta Family Law Practice Manual
  • Alberta Real Estate Practice Manual
  • Alberta Surrogate Forms
  • Business Law Fundamentals
  • Criminal Law Fundamentals
  • Wills Fundamentals

Library_DocumentSeminar Papers. You can download hundreds of seminar papers as PDFs. Available seminar materials from the past 4 years are currently on the LESA Library, with newly presented papers as well as earlier materials being added to the Library on a regular basis. These papers offer valuable information and useful tools, including checklists and tips to help you expand your knowledge, skills, and practice.


You can access the LESA Library from any computer or mobile device (the Library is mobile optimized!). All you need is an internet connection, and you can connect to the LESA Library from the office, home, coffee shop, courtroom, or anywhere else you want to access to the information.


Annual subscriptions to the LESA Library start at just $795 + GST, making the LESA Library an affordable resource. If all the content on the Library was purchased individually, it would cost over $14,000, but the individual subscription rate of $795 is comparable to the cost of attending a 2-day live seminar or purchasing 2 practice manuals.

If you work in a firm setting, it is worthwhile to consider the value that you will receive from purchasing a firm subscription. Firm subscriptions start at $1,495 + GST and rates are based on the number of registered users, where every lawyer in the firm who has been called the Alberta bar is registered as a distinct user in the LESA Library.

Complete your library today. Visit for more information or to subscribe.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 780.420.1987 or toll free in Alberta at 1.800.282.3900. You can also reach us at [email protected].

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