Demystifying the Voir Dire Process and Section 715.1 of the Criminal Code – with Shelley Moore

Shelley MooreLESA’s upcoming Victorious Voir Dire: Section 715.1 Applications webinar broadcasts live on May 9. This webinar explores the process of a voir dire and discusses key elements of applications made under section 715.1 of the Criminal Code. Attendees will explore the unique considerations needed to admit pre-recorded video statements made by persons under the age of 18 in criminal proceedings.

One of our presenters for this program is criminal defence lawyer, Shelley Moore from Moore Law Practice. Shelley has joined us this week to discuss her career in law and experience in criminal defence.

From a young age, Shelley has always wanted to be a criminal defence lawyer. She began her legal career in Toronto and practiced criminal defence for a number of years before moving back to her hometown of Calgary. Soon after, Shelley set up her own practice, and has been fortunate enough to develop a business structure that has allowed her to hire a number of articling students and associates over the years. Over her twenty years of practice, she has been grateful for the opportunity to see young lawyers grow and flourish. For the first time in almost a decade, Shelley is back to being a sole practitioner at Moore Law Practice.

Shelley hopes that the Victorious Voir Dire program can show participants that the voir dire is just one small piece of the puzzle in trials. Attendees can also expect to learn about what a section 715.1 application entails, and the voir dire required before certain statements can be admitted.

“Our goal is to shed some light on this process and go through the steps that all counsel and the Court must consider before a statement can or should be admitted.”

Participants will walk through the set-up and procedure of the voir dire and be given an opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session. Once participants understand the procedure of the voir dire, any voir dire they have in the future will be far less intimidating. With its emphasis on section 715.1, this program will provide a solid foundation for lawyers that will be involved in trial work. Shelley encourages an open dialogue during the Q&A session and invites participants to ask questions at each step of the voir dire walk-through.

For more information on the Victorious Voir Dire webinar, visit LESA’s website here. Many thanks to Shelley Moore, Alexandra Seaman, and Tania Shapka for volunteering their time to LESA.


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