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Dany Le

Dany Le, CPA, CMA, CBV is a Partner with MNP and works in the Edmonton office in the firm’s Valuations & Litigation Support practice. Active in valuations since 2008, Dany has prepared valuations for small to large-capital businesses in various industries and publicly traded companies.

Dany has significant experience in valuation services including financial reporting, goodwill, dispute analyses, damage quantifications, critique reports, long-lived asset impairment tests, purchase price allocations, and fairness opinions. Additionally, he has provided value estimates on individual intangible assets such as client and supplier relations, patents, trade names, trademarks, and contracts.

Prior to MNP, Dany was a consultant with McNally Valuations Inc.

Business Valuation

Dany has prepared many valuation reports (shares or operating assets) for a wide variety of business operations with several industries for due diligence considerations, financing, settling shareholder disputes, establishing purchase prices, estate planning and general business decision making.

Litigation Support

Dany has prepared many valuation reports for a wide variety of business operations for several industries for the purpose buy/sell agreements, expropriation, disputes and torts involving loss of value and/or goodwill, family law matters or assessing settlement options.

Intangible Asset Valuations

Dany has prepared value estimates on a variety of intangible assets within several industries including, patents and patent enhancements (e.g. software, manufacturing, technology), trade-name and trademarks, client relations, supplier relations, contract value or disadvantages, and workforce.

Purchase Price Allocations

Dany has performed purchase price allocations for companies, both private and publicly traded entities, making acquisitions and allocating the purchase prices to intangible assets. The allocations are required to comply with financial reporting requirements and are subject to third party review by each company’s auditors.

Goodwill Impairment Tests

Dany has performed goodwill impairment tests for various Canada based companies, both private and publicly traded entities, where prior purchase price allocations have been completed and an assessment of the potential impairment of goodwill is required because of subsequent economic or operating decline. These assessments are required to comply with financial reporting requirements and are subject to a third-party review by each company’s auditors.

Fairness Opinions

Dany has assisted in the preparation of a Fairness Opinion to advise stakeholders whether a transaction proposal, both private and publicly traded entities, is in their best interests from a financial point of view.

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