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Feature Volunteer: Deirdre M. McKenna

Deirdre M. McKenna has been practicing law since her call in 2001. She is currently practicing at Davidson and Williams LLP in Lethbridge, Alberta in the area of Litigation and worked closely with our organization as we brought our Rules of Court programming to Lethbridge in the fall of 2010. We chatted with Deirdre to share with you a little bit about who she is and what keeps her motivated.

Please share with us a little bit about your background; your education, family, work?

I have a BA from the University of Lethbridge, MA from Dalhousie, both in philosophy and my LLB from the University of Toronto where I graduated in 1999. I clerked at the Ontario Superior Court for a year and then finished my articles in Calgary with MacLeod Dixon in the litigation department until early 2009 when I moved back to Lethbridge to work with Davidson and Williams LLP. Became a partner here in 2010. Married with 2 children aged 7 and 4, with a third child on the way! (Note from the editor: Congratulations!)

You have been a loyal supporter of LESA. What makes you want to volunteer?

LESA courses are a great way to keep up to date on changes to the law and to keep learning new skills as a lawyer. Volunteering to assist with LESA’s work is a great way to make sure you learn this stuff and to have the opportunity to meet lawyers from all over the Province, which has become more important to me now I work in a smaller firm.

What influences you the most?

My family.

What led you to a career in the legal profession?

What else do you do with degrees in philosophy?

What advice would you pass on to a newly called lawyer?

Keep learning as much as you can. It not only makes you more effective as a lawyer, but will keep you interested and engaged in the work you do every day and give you the confidence that the answer is always out there for you to find.

Do you have a particular experience while volunteering for LESA that is particularly memorable for you?

The excellent support we received from LESA in organizing satellite courses to teach the New Rules of Court here in Lethbridge. The staff could not have been more helpful.