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From the Desk of Paul Wood, Executive Director

Welcome to 2011!

It is that time of year when legal commentators look forward to changes. Popular themes on various blogs include greater outsourcing of legal services, alternative billing practices, and law firms leveraging social media to connect with clients.

In Alberta, the profession is becoming accustomed to practice under the new Rules of Court. In case you missed out on our live programming, we will continue to offer online self-study modules. There are significant changes in trust accounting rules from the Law Society of Alberta. Bill 21: Wills and Succession Act passed this fall in the Alberta Legislative Assembly. This statute will consolidate and modernize succession law in Alberta. It is expected to be proclaimed January 1, 2012. As always, the Legal Education Society of Alberta will be there to help you with these developments with program offerings including an online self-study module on the new safety of trust funds initiative. Additionally, we are providing a full day of live programming on April 30th, 2011 on the new Wills and Succession Act. This will offered alongside the 44th Annual Refresher Course in Wills & Estates, and will take place in Lake Louise.

We wish you much growth and prosperity in the coming year!