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Still on the fence about whether or not the LESA Library is right for you? Check out LESA’s Complimentary Practice Management collection – now available on the LESA Library. Try out the fully redesigned interface featuring intuitive navigation and improved searchability–all while accessing quality practice management resources for free. That’s right – access all of LESA’s quality practice management resources for free in one convenient spot, for free.

I know you’re probably saying to yourself, where can I sign up?! All you need to do is navigate to this page, scroll down to the blue box at the bottom, and click on “Try for Free” (see screenshot below) to complete the checkout process. If you do not yet have a LESA account you will be asked to created one. If you already have a LESA account, please login to complete the checkout process. (Note: you can use the same login credentials on the LESA website and the LESA Library.) Once you’ve successfully signed up, click on “LESA Library” at the top of your screen to navigate to your Library homepage.

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LESA Library

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LESA Library

Available for individual subscription only. Access to the Practice Management collection is included with all paid subscriptions to the core areas of law on the LESA Library. 

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