Aboriginal and Language Rights

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Constitutional Obligation of Alberta to Publish Laws in French 
Author: Margaret Unsworth QC
This paper discusses the case of Gilles Caron and Pierre Boutet (Caron), recently argued at the Supreme Court of Canada. The paper provides an overview of the arguments advanced in the case on the central issue of whether there is a constitutional obligation on the Province of Alberta to publish its laws in French. Note that the case was argued on February 13, 2015 and the SCC reserved their decision on this issue.
Daniels v Canada: Supreme Court to end 150 Years of Political Football?
Author: Keltie Lambert 
This paper provides a summary of the Daniels v Canada case, which centres on the fundamental question of whether the term “Indians” as used in the Constitution Act, 1867 includes Metis and Non-status Indians. 
These papers are part of a collection presented at LESA’s Constitutional Law Symposium in October, 2015.
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