Rules of Court Interpreted: Select Topics

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This collection of papers was drawn from materials presented at The Rules of Court Interpreted program in November 2011. It includes:

  • an 11-page update on Discovery, Questioning and Disclosure of Information by D.W. McGrath Q.C., D. N. E. de Vere, and Michael O’Brien;
  • a 10-page article on Costs, Experts, and Formal Offers of Settlement by K. P. Feehan Q.C. and K. A. Salmon;
  • a 7-page case law summary on Appeals from Masters, the “Drop Dead” Rule, and Discontinuance by P. R. Mack Q.C.. Vivian R. Stevenson Q.C., and Anthony Burden; and
  • a 10-page exploration of the judicial interpretation of Part 4 of the Rules (Managing Litigation) and Rule 7.1 (severance) by L. A. Goldbach, Barbara J. Stratton, and Laura Inglis Chubb.

This compilation includes dozens of valuable case references.

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