The Legacy of Regina v. Vu, 2013 SCC 60: An Assessment of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Foray into the Area of Privacy Rights Inherent in Personal Computer Devices

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This paper provides an outline of the most significant privacy-related aspects in the Supreme Court of Canada decision, R v Vu, 2013 SCC 60, which expanded the notion of “privacy” with respect to computer devices and digital contents. In addition, subsequent decisions in the realm of computer privacy are identified and discussed. This paper also highlights, from a more practical perspective, some of the challenges faced by legal counsel dealing with these evolving technological issues within a criminal trial, including a brief discussion on the duty of searching officers to take detailed notes during personal computer device searches. 
This paper is part of a collection presented at LESA’s Search Warrants program in Edmonton on February 19, 2016 and in Calgary on February 26, 2016.


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