Your Office – Don’t Leave Home Without It: Working Remotely

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With the right tools, you can now work remotely from almost any location and still have access to all the data, tools and resources you enjoy while in your office. With today’s mobile hardware, software, web-based interfaces and the proliferation of Internet access (both wired and wireless), you can practice from just about anywhere.

Learn about available tools and technologies that allow your office to be wherever you happen to be. This paper covers everything from laptops to tablet computers, smartphones to portable printers, portable scanners, digital voice recorders, mobile back up devices, cables, mobile security, auxiliary power and even carrying cases. Plus, get a primer to help you make sense of wireless devices and networks.

This paper was drawn from materials presented at LESA’s Law & Practice Update program held in Edmonton on November 18th and 19th, 2011.


This paper is available on the LESA Library as part of LESA’s Complimentary Practice Management collection. Enjoy the fully redesigned LESA Library interface featuring intuitive navigation and enhanced searchability – all while accessing LESA’s full collection of complimentary practice management resources for free.

Note: Access to the Practice Management collection is included with all paid subscriptions to the LESA Library.

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