Our Education team is committed to delivering effective, professional, and high-impact programs that capitalize on the inherent advantages of face-to-face education. Our programs run in half-day, full-day, and multi-day formats.

In addition to our specialized programs and CPLED courses, we target programming in the areas of Business, Civil Litigation, Criminal, Family, Real Estate, and Wills and Estates. We also hold programs for Legal Support Staff.

  • Educational Calendar 2017/2018:  Find programming across a broad spectrum of practice and skills areas. It is never too early to start planning your continuing professional development (CPD) for the upcoming year.

Upcoming Calendar

2018-Jan-24 - Business Issues in Family Law Matters (Edmonton)
2018-Jan-25 - Litigation Strategies (Edmonton)


2018-Feb-01 - Administrative Law Fundamentals (Edmonton)
2018-Feb-02 - Intersection of Immigration and Criminal Law (Edmonton)
2018-Feb-08 - Administrative Law Fundamentals (Calgary)
2018-Feb-09 - Intersection of Immigration and Criminal Law (Calgary)
2018-Feb-20 - Beyond Blended Families (Edmonton)
2018-Feb-21 - Real Property Law Essentials (Edmonton)
2018-Feb-27 - Real Property Law Essentials (Calgary)
2018-Feb-28 - Beyond Blended Families (Calgary)


2018-Mar-06 - Custody and Access 2018 (Edmonton)
2018-Mar-07 - Family Law 25 (Edmonton)
2018-Mar-08 - The Law of Damages 2018 (Edmonton)
2018-Mar-13 - Custody and Access 2018 (Calgary)
2018-Mar-14 - Family Law 25 (Calgary)
2018-Mar-15 - The Law of Damages 2018 (Calgary)


2018-Apr-11 - Civil Advocacy Series: Argument (Edmonton)
2018-Apr-13 - Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Edmonton)
2018-Apr-17 - Real Estate Fundamentals (Calgary)
2018-Apr-17 - Real Estate Fundamentals (Calgary Half-Day)
2018-Apr-18 - Civil Advocacy Series: Argument (Calgary)
2018-Apr-19 - Mastering Personal Finances (Calgary)
2018-Apr-20 - Mastering Personal Finances (Edmonton)
2018-Apr-24 - Real Estate Fundamentals (Edmonton)
2018-Apr-24 - Real Estate Fundamentals (Edmonton Half-Day)
2018-Apr-26 - Basic Collaborative Law (Red Deer)
2018-Apr-27 - Top 10+ Things Every Lawyer Should Know (2018) (Calgary)


2018-May-02 - Advanced Estate Administration (Edmonton)
2018-May-05 - Business Disputes (Lake Louise)
2018-May-06 - 51st Annual Refresher: Business (Lake Louise)
2018-May-11 - Advanced Estate Administration (Calgary)
2018-May-14 - Mediation of Family & Divorce Conflicts (Calgary)
2018-May-17 - Legalization of Marijuana (Edmonton)
2018-May-24 - Legalization of Marijuana (Calgary)
2018-May-25 - Alberta Legal Technology Conference (Calgary)
2018-May-30 - Elder Law Topics (Calgary)


2018-Jun-02 - Search and Seizure (Calgary)
2018-Jun-07 - Elder Law Topics (Edmonton)
2018-Jun-09 - Search and Seizure (Edmonton)
2018-Jun-11 - 36th Annual Intensive Advocacy (Calgary)


2018-Sep-21 - Criminal Procedure Fundamentals (Calgary)
2018-Sep-28 - Criminal Procedure Fundamentals (Edmonton)