Katie Storms
Resource Analyst
Direct: 780.969.3553

Born in Edmonton and currently residing in St. Albert, Katie Storms is LESA’s Legal Assistant. Graduating from the University of Alberta with distinction from her undergraduate degree in English (2015), Katie has a true love for learning.  While studying at the U of A, she not only developed high attention to detail but also received a few Jason Lang scholarships and U of A – Faculty of Arts Academic Excellence scholarships along the way.

Katie falls into our coffee camp, as long as someone else is brewing, and she doesn’t mind LESA pie days either!

Outside the office, Katie likes to indulge in a good book, podcast, and Netflix movie or TV show. Katie also enjoys coffee dates where she can catch up with friends. In the future, Katie looks forward to seeing how her role at LESA develops. Ambitious and full of adventure, she also hopes to explore the countries of the Southern Hemisphere.