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  • The Alberta Business Law Practice Manual is a comprehensive resource designed for business lawyers in Alberta. Whether you practice in corporate law, intellectual property law, oil and gas law, or commercial litigation, this manual provides essential information and precedents for any business law practitioner.
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    A valuable resource for estate practitioners, Alberta Surrogate Forms contains fillable forms arising under the Surrogate Rules, annotated for ease of use. It includes forms relating to non-contentious matters, contentious matters, and accounting.
  • The Alberta Wills and Estates Practice Manual is a comprehensive resource for any wills and estates practitioner. Chock-full of essential information and helpful tips, this two-part manual contains information on estate planning and administration. Whether you are drafting a will or probating one, this manual is a go-to resource.
  • Prepared by leading family law practitioners, the Alberta Family Law Practice Manual guides you through a family law file from start to finish, whether the file proceeds through collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, or court. Highlights include comprehensive information on divorce, matrimonial property, child and spousal support, and trials.
  • The Alberta Labour Relations Code Practitioner’s Manual is an annual subscription service, updated throughout the year, which contains an annotated version of the Alberta Labour Relations Code as well as a full set of Alberta Labour Relations Board application forms, rules of procedure, voting rules, and all information bulletins. Update: 2021 The Alberta Labour Relations Code Practitioner’s Manual subscription service is billed once per year. It is provided in hardcopy format only. Once placed, your order will be processed within 5 business days and shipped to the address indicated.