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With dedicated professionals, creative thinkers, and a team of capable problem-solvers, LESA is a wonderful organization to work for. Over the coming months, we will be posting a feature on each of our staff members to share a little bit more about the incredible folks that work day in and day out to bring you the quality continuing legal education you have come to know and love. To kick things off, meet Ashley Iachetta. Ashley is newly back from her second maternity leave and is a member of LESA’s Resources Team. Ashley is likely not new to many of you, as she has been with LESA since 2009, but perhaps this post will shed some additional light on who she is, what she values, and why LESA is so lucky to have her.

Ashley graduated from NAIT in 2009, and has been with LESA every since. Her positive attitude, willingness to be a team player, and adaptability to change have served her well in the many different roles she’s filled here. In the past, Ashley has worked on our print publications as well as with the CPLED facilitators, evaluators, and students. Currently, Ashley enjoys her role as the Resource Coordinator where she helps with print materials and prepares our electronic resources for the LESA Library.

Outside of work, Ashley loves spending time with her husband, two children, and their dog. They love being outside. In the summer they enjoy having breakfast on the patio, sitting around a campfire, or taking off to the lake for the weekend.

In the winter, Ashley’s husband floods a rink in their backyard and they enjoy skating, hockey, and warming up around the fire. She loves to relax by going to the lake, taking walks, and watching movies. This past winter, Ashley and her husband were able to sneak away to the mountains for some R&R and hit the slopes. They’re hoping to get the chance to go again this year.

Lots has changed at LESA during this past year. LESA launched a new brand, new website, new Business Law practice manual, and a fully redesigned, all-new LESA Library. When asked how it feels to be back from mat leave, Ashley says:

I’m not exactly sure how a whole year has come and gone, but I’m happy to be back! I missed my LESA family, and it’s been so nice to reconnect with everyone!

She’s also very close with her siblings; her brother and 2 sisters were able to stand up with her at her wedding in Mexico, and yes – her brother was a bridesman. Although Ashley thoroughly enjoys her work at LESA, and her awesome coworkers, she also loves taking time off with her husband and children to go visit family in Vancouver and Arizona.

Ashley notes that she’s excited to jump back into her role as Resource Coordinator and is looking forward for what is to come at LESA. The LESA team is thrilled to have her back.


LESA Staff Feature - Ashley




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