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2017 Alberta’s Top Employers Winner

Alberta's Top 70 Employers 2017


The winners of the 2017 Alberta’s Top 70 Employers competition were announced yesterday at the official awards reception in Calgary, and LESA made the list.

At LESA, we strive to be collaborative, innovative, professional, and responsible with our resources. Today’s blog shares some examples and reasons why we have been recognized as one of the distinguished 2017 Alberta’s Top 70 Employers winners. Read our press release to learn more.



LESA’s physical workspaces encourage collaboration. Our meeting room and offices have writeable walls, which make it easy to brainstorm, be creative, and stay organized – all important aspects of working as a team.


To respond to the diverse learning needs of our community and succeed in offering high quality continuing legal education, LESA strives to be innovative. As such, we use various approaches in order to remain up-to-date on current knowledge and technological advances. First, we invest in the professional development of our staff. Staff attend training sessions, engage with other organizations, and participate in quarterly team development activities. We also take part in discussions with other continuing legal education providers through the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA) to ensure we keep current in our educational delivery methods. Finally, we gather feedback from Alberta’s legal community for our programs and resources through annual Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Discovery surveys, programming proposal submissions, and more.


In January 2015, LESA forged ahead with an exciting change in structure that, in part, reflects our desire to effectively and competently serve Alberta’s legal community. Our reorganization to a structure of responsible autonomy fundamentally reflects the values LESA holds most dear: it favours empowerment, fosters accountability and communication, helps employees develop leadership competencies, and embraces collaboration and innovation.


Being responsible with our resources – being fiscally responsible now and investing in a sustainable future – entails many things. Since our employees are our greatest asset, it is incredibly important to LESA to manage our human resources responsibly and conscientiously. Our earned days-off program is hugely popular, letting staff enjoy every third Friday off. LESA staff also appreciate flexible work hours and telecommuting options that allow for work-life balance. LESA’s commitment to helping staff achieve a healthy work-life balance benefits everyone and makes for a positive work environment where staff are engaged and productive.

What do our staff love most?

We’re proud of the many reasons that LESA is a 2017 Alberta’s Top Employers winner, but we’ll wrap things up by letting you hear straight from some of our staff why they love working at LESA.

What I enjoy most about LESA is the opportunity to work with a group who values the common goal of providing quality continuing education for Alberta’s legal community.”

Chris Mendez, Director of Integration


The best part of LESA is the staff. Everyone here is very kind, dedicated, positive, and works well on a team. We are people who always go the extra mile to improve LESA, and we also have fun in the process.”

Courtney Black, Education Assistant


At LESA, we get the opportunity to enjoy flexibility and work-life balance. I am thankful that I am able to use and develop a range of skills in my daily tasks. I love working with a team so devoted to professional development and forming long-lasting, positive relationships.”

Andrea Maltais, Communications Coordinator