Bill C-50: A Bill to Create a Green Energy Economy

The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act (Bill C-50) aims to establish transparency, accountability, and an engagement framework to promote economic growth, create sustainable jobs, and support for Canadian worker and communities in the shift to a net zero economy. The enactment provides the following:

  1. the Governor in Council may designate a Minister for the purposes of the Act as well as specified Ministers;
  2. establish a Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council to provide the Minister and the specified Ministers, through a process of social dialogue, with independent advice with respect to measures to foster the creation of sustainable jobs, measures to support workers, communities and regions in the shift to a net-zero economy and matters referred to it by the Minister;
  3. the tabling of a Sustainable Jobs Action Plan in each House of Parliament no later than 2041 and by the end of each subsequent period of five years;
  4. the establishment of a Sustainable Jobs Secretariat to support the implementation of the Act; and
  5. a review of the Act within two years of its coming into force and by the end of each subsequent period of two years.

On October 23, 2023, Bill C-50 passed its second reading. If passed, the Act will influence Canada’s job market and impact employment law practitioners. For more information on Bill C-50, read the full text of the bill here.


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