CPLED for Lawyers

LESA delivers pre-call training through the skills-based CPLED program.

The training consists of 10 courses: 3 courses are delivered at week-long face-to-face sessions and the remainder are delivered via an online learning platform. Online modules last 3 weeks.

Articling students receive assistance and feedback on the work they produce in the online modules from Learning Group Facilitators (LGFs).

CPLED Alberta seeks qualified lawyers who are members of the Law Society of Alberta to act as paid LGFs for each of the online modules.

Duties include:

  • Monitoring the progress of a group of students (18-20 students) throughout a module (3 weeks)
  • Answering student questions within 24 hours
  • Reviewing weekly student submissions and providing directed and thorough feedback within 5 days
  • Participating in student and LGF discussion boards where appropriate

Our expectations of LGFs include:

  • Availability during the entire length of the selected module
  • Participation in all training opportunities provided by CPLED Alberta
  • Adherence to our confidentiality policies

An LGF’s weekly time commitment can be 10 – 20 hrs week, including providing assignment feedback. Current pay is $950/module.

Selected LGFs also grade the final submissions (competency evaluations) for each online module. CPLED Alberta selects qualified LGFs to grade approximately 30-40 competency evaluations at the end of each module. Training is provided and evaluators are currently paid $35 per competency evaluation.

If you would like to get involved, complete the applicable application form(s).

NOTE: Separate application forms must be completed for face-to-face and online modules. 

For additional inquiries, please contact Ashley Iachetta.