Consumer Land Mortgage Lending: The Foreclosure Process

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This paper provides a checklist for the foreclosure process. The author also provides the requirements for litigation under conventional mortgages, CMHC mortgages and high ratio mortgages as well as the different options for court applications in the foreclosure process. The following foreclosure precedents are included:

– Statement of Claim – Conventional Mortgage
– Statement of Claim – High Ratio or CMHC Insured Mortgage
– Noting in Default
– Affidavit of Default
– Notice of Application
– Redemption Order – Listing
– Redemption Order – Posting
– Final Affidavit of Default
– Order for Foreclosure
– Order – Sale to Plaintiff Adjourn Judgment
– Order – Sale to Plaintiff with Judgment
– Order Confirming Sale and Vesting Title
– Affidavit of Realtor
– Affidavit of Posting
– Affidavit of Search
– Preservation Order
– Affidavit in Support of Preservation Order
– Redemption Order – Condominium Fees
– Application Summary
– Eviction Letter to Bailiff

This paper was presented at our Land Mortgage Financing and Enforcement Fundamentals program in November of 2012.


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