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  • Mandatory injunctions, usually an extraordinary remedy, are becoming increasingly viable tools to deal with novel disputes created between commercial entities. Explore the distinction between injunctions and mandatory injunctions, the mechanics of a mandatory injunction, and practical considerations. This on-demand program originally broadcast on May 5, 2022. Total running time is 1 hour, 14 minutes.
  • Explore topics related to the law of judgment enforcement in Alberta. This program is intended for those in their early years of practice, or for those looking to review the fundamentals. This on-demand program was originally presented as an in-person and livestream program on May 4, 2022. Total running time is 2 hours, 47 minutes.
  • Discuss the minimum duties of arbitrators under the Arbitration Act and the options available for the creative design of arbitration hearings to create streamlined processes that are proportionate to the parties’ circumstances.  This on-demand program originally broadcast on April 26, 2022. Total running time is 1 hour, 20 minutes.
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    This paper provides a practical summary to guide lawyers in understanding what expenses are commonly added back to income when a payor parent is a shareholder, director, or officer of a company, or a sole proprietor. It also seeks to explain the why behind courts’ rationale. This paper was presented at LESA’s Child Support: Where CRA and the Courts Diverge webinar on April 12, 2022.
  • Administrative law is concerned, above all, with constitutional principles. As such, administrative law practitioners must be familiar with the Charter and its relationship to administrative law. Looking at jurisprudence since Vavilov, this paper identifies several patterns of deviation from the established Doré/Loyola framework for judicial review of administrative decisions that engage the Charter. This paper is part of a collection presented at LESA’s Administrative Law Update program in Calgary on April 5, 2022 and in Edmonton on April 6, 2022.