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Business LawSpecialized Areas of LawUpdates in Law
Supreme Court of Canada Upholds Decision to Deny Tax Deductions in Abusive Tax Avoidance Case
In Deans Knight Income Corp. v. Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada applied the general anti-avoidance rule (“GAAR”), holding that a transaction may still be deemed abusive tax avoidance if it frustrates the rationale of the Income Tax Act. In this decision, the defendant corporation accumulated $90 million in unclaimed ...
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Civil LitigationCriminal LawSpecialized Areas of Law
Official Welcome Ceremony of Honourable Mary T. Moreau
The Supreme Court of Canada will continue its tradition to hold a welcome ceremony for its newest member, the Honourable Mary T. Moreau. Justice Moreau was born in Edmonton and completed her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alberta. As a lawyer, she litigated several foundational cases involving the ...
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Business LawCivil LitigationCriminal Law
Expansion to the Alberta Law Libraries Catalogue
The Alberta Law Libraries (“ALL”) have recently expanded their network to include over 165 remotely available texts. ALL is a province-wide network of libraries that promotes informed engagement with the law and encourages broad access to justice. ALL has purchased five new collections in the following practice areas: Corporate Commercial ...
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Business LawCivil LitigationCriminal Law
New Program Alert | How to Use the LESA Library to Benefit Your Practice
Whether you are a current LESA Library subscriber or curious about what the platform has to offer, this webinar has something for you. Join LESA staff to discover how to use the LESA Library to it’s full potential to find quality resources and downloadable precedents to enhance your practice. As ...
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Civil LitigationSpecialized Areas of Law
New Program Alert | Running Your First Regulatory Hearing
Examine key topics for lawyers to consider when engaged in regulatory litigation matters, including: Key Differences between Regulatory and Court Proceedings Tribunal Rules of Practice versus Alberta Rules of Court Expert Witnesses and Witness Preparation Oral and Written Hearings before Regulatory Tribunals Research in Regulatory Law Motions, Argument and Reply ...
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Business LawCivil LitigationCriminal Law
LESA Discounts for New Lawyers & Students
As your partner in the pursuit of legal excellence, we are excited to support you as you begin your career within the Alberta legal profession. We provide innovative and future-focused educational programs and resources and help you achieve ongoing growth and success as you build your law practice. LESA is ...
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Specialized Areas of Law
Supreme Court of Canada Sides with Alberta Court of Appeal: Impact Assessment Act Declared Unconstitutional
In Reference re Impact Assessment Act, the Supreme Court of Canada assessed the constitutionality of the federal environmental assessment scheme under the Impact Assessment Act (the “IAA”). The Supreme Court held in a majority decision that the IAA was ultra vires to the constitution, following the reasoning of the Court ...
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Specialized Areas of Law
Materials Available | Practice Foundations: PPSA
LESA’s Practice Foundations series continues with materials from our January 2023 webinar, “PPSA: What Lawyers Need to Know”. It is important that commercial solicitors and litigators understand the operation of the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) to fully advise their clients. While the pre-PPSA regime was highly technical and emphasized form and technicalities, ...
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