Intro to AI and Legal Practice: Things You Need to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Are you using AI in your law practice?

While the potential benefits of effectively utilizing AI in your legal practice are enormous, it can be challenging to keep up with the legal and ethical issues. Announcing a new webinar for lawyers in all areas of practice. Join us online on February 21 to consider how to embrace a partnership with AI given its rapid advancement and evolving impacts on the legal profession.

The first half of this webinar will explore AI from the perspective of a computer scientist, including:

  • Key technologies that are driving the rapid growth of AI
  • The workings of ChatGPT and potential pitfalls, such as hallucinations
  • Ethical standards relating to AI
  • The laws governing AI in Canada

The second half of this webinar will examine practical applications and implications of AI from a lawyer’s perspective, including:

  • Available tools for lawyers and what they can (and cannot) do
  • How to appropriately utilize AI in practice
  • How lawyers might misuse AI


Program Details

Date: February 21, 2024
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Price: $95


James Swanson, Swanson Law
Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta

How to Register

Click here to register for this webinar.

Note: Reduced pricing is available for newly called lawyers (called within five years) as well as students. Click the link above and select the appropriate ticket to register with reduced pricing.

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