“My Experience” Project with the Law Society of Alberta

The “My Experience” Project is an initiative of the Law Society of Alberta inviting lawyers and students to share their experiences of how racial discrimination or stereotyping affected their legal career, and themselves personally. These experiences come from real people in Alberta’s legal community and bring to light the need for change.

Each week, the LSA will feature an experience in their eBulletin. All shared experiences are also posted on the Law Society Listens page. As a community, this is an opportunity to listen, learn, raise awareness, and collectively do better for one another.

How to Submit your Experience

If you have a story to share, please visit the Law Society Listens page to share your experience.


An important part of this project is providing an opportunity for the legal community to listen and reflect on the stories shared by their courageous colleagues. Answer a series of questions to self-reflect and better understand the shared responsibility the legal community has to address the issues that have been brought to light.

Thank you to the Law Society of Alberta for their ongoing important work in the legal community.

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