Mediation and Arbitration: Shielding Neutrality (On-Demand)


Review the role of a legal assistant or paralegal during mediation or arbitration, considering issues from both the intake and requesting perspective. The presentation focuses on how assistants play a role in helping the lawyer they work with maintain the impartiality and neutrality they are required to maintain as a mediator or arbitrator.

Discuss pre-, during-, and post- mediation/arbitration concerns, including information collection, conflicts, scheduling, sending formal correspondence and documentation, and more. Materials include quick reference checklists and a sample booking sheet precedent.

This on-demand program was originally presented as an in-person program in January, 2020. Click here for additional resources from the original program, Advanced Family Law Issues for Paralegals.

Presenters: Tayla Ashmore and Miranda Asselstine

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Please note: The views and opinions of the presenters are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Legal Education Society of Alberta.

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