Webinar on Demand – Dealing with Difficult Conversations


Original Date: September 30, 2020

Price: $125 + GST

Presenter: Karmen Masson, LL.B., CEC, Karmen Masson, Professional Coaching + Consulting



Develop strategies and key skills for turning tough conversations, often experienced in the legal profession, into more effective ones. Learn practical techniques for managing emotionally charged situations and moving in a productive direction, even when there is disagreement. Employ a process that will leave you feeling more comfortable and equipped to manage your difficult conversations.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn strategies for diffusing heated situations;
  • Discover what not to do when emotions get involved;
  • Understand how to prevent misunderstandings;
  • Address problems rather than postpone them;
  • Respond more effectively when you feel attacked;
  • Learn practical techniques for getting derailed conversations back on track;
  • Address conflict more confidently;
  • Employ a process to guide you from start to finish; and
  • Learn skills and tools to help plan your difficult conversations.


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Please note:

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