Webinar on Demand – Drafting Effective Memos


Original Date: June 8, 2020

Price: $95 + GST

Presenter: Douglas H. Peterson, Douglas H. Peterson Professional Corporation




Whether we like it or not, the legal memorandum remains a staple in small and large law firms alike. Oftentimes tedious and uninspiring, sometimes painful and infuriating – to both reader and writer – nonetheless, the memo is a vital tool for synthesizing and conveying the current state of the law. As a junior lawyer writing them and as a senior lawyer reading them, how can the legal memo experience be improved?

The answer is simple: the memo must be written well. This webinar focuses on the primary tenets of the legal memo: structure, purpose, clarity, and conciseness, as well as the little big things you can learn to incorporate into your memos – style, flow, and weaving in the voice that makes you unique – that will enable you to produce your best work (and to be proud of it) and to make yours and your senior’s experience a little more enjoyable.

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