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The LESA Classroom offers Seminars on Demand and interactive self-study modules online.  Register here for access to the LESA Classroom (login credentials are emailed within 1 business day after purchase). Log in to My Courses to access complimentary courses and courses in which you have already enrolled.


Stream video recordings and download PDF program materials for programs you were unable to attend.**

*NEW Bankruptcy and Insolvency Fundamentals

A solid foundation in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings is key to running a successful practice. Examine practical strategies for advising clients, understand obligations that survive bankruptcy including the implications of fraud, and explore the lawyer’s role in working with trustees. Discover mechanisms to maximize recovery in corporate bankruptcy or insolvency situations.


*NEW The Business of Running a Law Practice

Discover how to run a law practice from business and management perspectives. Explore topics including office space management; tax implications; alternative fee structures; technology solutions and limitations; recruitment, retention, and payroll; and marketing your business.


*NEW Understanding the Brain – What Lawyers Need to Know

Explore brain science, development, and deterioration. Understand the effects of conflict, mental illness, and aging on people dealing with legal issues. Cover topics including,

  • Helping Families Thrive,
  • Navigating Stormy Waters: The Intersection of Good Lawyering and Brain Science,
  • The Brain and Aging, and
  • How to Build a Brain.

How to Build a Brain, presented by Dr. Nicole Sherren PhD, is offered as a separate complimentary resource.

Seminar on Demand Collection


Increase your knowledge at your convenience with these interactive self-study modules.


  • Understanding the Litigation Process
  • Bringing an Action
  • Post-Commencement Pleadings
  • Framework for Managing Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Resolving Pre-Trial Issues and Preserving Rights
  • Trial
  • Judgments, Orders, and Costs
  • Family Law Rules


  • Being an Excellent Principal
  • Code of Conduct
  • How to Build a Brain
  • Lawyer Assist
  • Trust Accounting Fundamentals
  • Trust Accounting for Responsible Lawyers

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