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*NEW* Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Fundamentals

Explore adult guardianships and trusteeships from start to finish. Get tips for managing represented adult matters, and learn key strategies to help set up guardians and trustees for success.


*NEW* Effective Legal Support: Corporate Law & Commercial Law

Learn about effective legal support for corporate and commercial law. Topics discussed include corporate reorganizations; dividends, other distributions, and share redemptions; share purchases; asset purchases; and other commercial transactions.


*NEW* Effective Legal Support: Estate Administration

Discover insightful information about typical contentious and non-contentious matters you may encounter day-to-day. Delve into applications for family maintenance and support as well as other obligations under the Wills and Succession Act. Review the role of legal support staff in non-contentious estate matters and more.


*NEW* Effective Legal Support: Matrimonial Property

Provide more confident legal support in property division matters.


*NEW* Intellectual Property Law for Non-IP Lawyers

Intellectual property [IP] rights can be found in nearly every transaction and are often the most valuable asset of any business. If your client has a business name, provides a product or service to others, uses a website or software, gets referenced on social media, creates or improves on technology, or has confidential business information such as customer lists and data, they have IP rights to consider. Learn from experienced IP practitioners and develop strategies to protect your clients.


*NEW* Wills & EPAs – Commonly Occurring Issues

Analyze common issues and identify practical resolutions when dealing with wills and enduring powers of attorney. Explore lapsed and failed gifts, resistant grantors, flawed EPAs, wills and Codicils, and non-compliant wills.

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Increase your knowledge at your convenience with these interactive self-study modules.

RULES OF COURT SERIES (Price: $225 + GST | Please click here to purchase)

  • Understanding the Litigation Process
  • Bringing an Action
  • Post-Commencement Pleadings
  • Framework for Managing Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Resolving Pre-Trial Issues and Preserving Rights
  • Trial
  • Judgments, Orders, and Costs
  • Family Law Rules


  • Being an Excellent Principal
  • Code of Conduct
  • How to Build a Brain
  • Lawyer Assist
  • Trust Accounting Fundamentals
  • Trust Accounting for Responsible Lawyers

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