Real Estate Law Practice Tips With Ryan D. Anderson QC, Partner at Huckvale LLP

Real estate law is one of the most widely practiced areas of law in Alberta. With the current housing and mortgage market hitting a 26.6% year-over-year spike this January,[1] the relevance of real estate law in Alberta will likely continue into 2022. While this area of practice is not necessarily complex, there are some technicalities that practitioners must be aware of to avoid future liability issues. In LESA’s on-demand program, Practice Foundations: Residential Real Estate, Ryan demystifies the intricacies of real estate law and provide relevant tips and tricks for up-and-coming legal practitioners in Alberta.

Ryan grew up on a farm in Magrath, Alberta. He later pursued law school to intellectually challenge himself and help people in his community resolve their legal issues. After completing law school, he returned to his hometown to practice law. For the last twenty years, Ryan has worked as a lawyer in Lethbridge and is currently a partner at Huckvale LLP. His practice focuses on real estate, wills and estate planning, agricultural transactions, and family law.

 Practice Foundations: Residential Real Estate is intended for newly called lawyers, or for those looking to review the fundamentals. Ryan will explore how to avoid practitioner pitfalls that he has learned throughout his career. Since homebuyers usually invest their life savings into purchasing their homes, and it is usually their largest investment, lawyers must pay close attention to the details when practicing real estate law. Mistakes made by counsel may cost clients their homes and result in thousands of dollars of loss on costly home investments. Ryan emphasizes the importance of attention to detail when practicing in this area so as to avoid liability pitfalls and maintain the integrity of practice. His webinar will cover a variety of key topics in real estate law including RPR’s, protocol closings, trust letters, trust conditions and understandings and the difference between a bareland condo and strata.

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[1] Fergal McAlinden, “Alberta Housing Market – what’s happening in 2022?” online: CMP (17 March 2022) [].

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