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  • Modern civil procedure has increasingly promoted summary disposition processes over conventional trials as more proportionate, sensible, and affordable approaches to resolve civil disputes. This paper provides practical information on: (1) the purpose and legal test for each of five discussed summary dispositions, (2) how to determine whether a summary disposition is appropriate, and (3) the procedure to bring forward a summary disposition. This paper was presented at LESA’s Practical Considerations for Summary Disposition of Civil Matters webinar on March 22, 2022.
  • Wrongful death claims are very similar to personal injury claims in terms of how they are litigated. However, as they are largely governed by the Alberta Fatal Accidents Act, there are peculiarities which can arise in these cases. This paper explores five of them. This paper was presented at LESA’s Wrongful Death Claims: 5 Things to Know webinar on March 17, 2022.
  • Exploring case law, legislation, and ethical obligations, and applying years of personal experience, this paper gives tips, considerations, and solutions to help lawyers develop sound practice habits, This paper was presented at LESA’s 7 Tips for a Successful Personal Injury Practice webinar on March 11, 2022.
  • Being in sync with a client is paramount in all legal matters. This paper provides insight on how to develop positive client relationships, particularly in the context of commercial litigation. This paper was presented at LESA’s Commercial Litigation Fundamentals webinar on February 8, 2022.
  • This paper explores the variety of funding solutions available, what a dispute funder looks for when assessing cases, some of the common legal and ethical issues encountered when obtaining funding, and how the funding relationship operates in practice. This paper was presented at LESA’s Third Party Litigation Funding: Identifying Opportunities and Challenges webinar on January 21, 2022.