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  • 62281.01
    This paper reviews the effect of the volatility in the price of oil and in the Alberta economy in spousal support awards in Alberta over the last five years. This paper was presented at LESA’s Up, Down, and All Around: Exploring Recent Spousal Support Cases in Alberta webinar on September 28, 2022.
  • 62290.01
    In the style of short snappers, this paper provides an overview of significant case law that has interpreted the Rules of Court on interesting points of law in 2022. This paper was presented at LESA’s Rules of Court 2022: Year in Review webinar on September 19, 2022.
  • 62238.01
    This paper explores what lawyers can do to further the accommodation of SRLs in our justice system, having regard to principles endorsed by the Supreme Court of Canada in Pintea. This paper is part of a collection presented at LESA’s Navigating Matters with Self-Represented Litigants program in Edmonton on September 9, 2022.