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Hear from John E.S. Poyser – Leading Expert on Capacity in Western Canada

We are excited and honoured to have John E.S. Poyser, of The Wealth & Estate Law Group deliver a webinar for us next week entitled, “Independent Legal Advice – Adjusting the Duty of Care to Different Transactions“.

John has been a lawyer since 1987, and is licensed to practice in Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba. Over the last two decades he has focused his practice on wills, trusts, and other wealth transfers, and is considered a leading expert on capacity in Canada.

John is the author of Capacity and Undue Influence, dealing with the law of capacity, intention, knowledge and approval, and undue influence as they relate to the transfer of wealth. Published by Carswell in 2014, this textbook aids lawyers and the judiciary alike in the transfer of wealth by will, gift, or trust.

Prior to authoring the eight-hundred page text, Capacity and Undue Influence, John coauthored ten editions of the Carswell text, The Taxation of Trusts, a Practitioner’s Guide, and continues to contribute articles in The Estates, Trusts and Pensions Journal.

John lectures for law societies and bar associations across Canada, and was one of the sessional chairs for LESA’s 53rd Annual Refresher: Wills and Estates and co-chair of LESA’s Managing Wills & Estates Matters (both postponed this past spring due to the global pandemic).

You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to hear from an incredible leader in the area of Wills & Estates. We invite you to join us Monday, December 7 for what will surely be a highly informative lunchtime webinar. The duty of care fluctuates from transaction to transaction when giving independent legal advice. Attendees will learn how to identify and set the obligation, and how to fix the commensurate fee. Consider also how to sue lawyers who get it wrong.

Independent Legal Advice – Adjusting the Duty of Care to Different Transactions

Date: December 7, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Price: $125 + GST